Move out cleaning checklist

When cleaning the flat ahead of moving out you need to:

Clean all the windows, inside and out.

Wipe off all doors, door frames, walls, cabinets and wardrobes (inside and out). Remember to also wipe on top of the cabinets and wardrobes.

Clean all the ventilations. If you can’t get them back on – leave them cleaned on the counter.
Clean the oven and the microwave oven.

Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer compartment. Leave the fridge with the power turned on.

Wipe clean the stove, counter tops, sink and tiles in the kitchen. Preferably clean with wire wool or similar.

All tiles in the bathroom and the shower cabinet should be cleaned with descaling. The shower curtain should be cleaned with approximately 1 dl chlorine in the washing machine.

The floor drain in the shower and stopper in the sink shall be removed and cleaned. If you can’t get them back on – leave them cleaned on the counter or in the sink.

Clean the toilet, sink and cabinet in the bathroom.

All floors shall be vacuum cleaned and mopped. Also remember to wipe all baseboards and outlets.
If you have a balcony it should be swept clean.

All other trash such as: furniture, lamps, electronics, clothes and food that you want to throw away should be taken to the recycling centre and are not to be thrown away with other thrash.

If you have a router that belongs to the flat its username and password should be reset to the original. The password can be found on the back of the router.

Empty and sweep your storage unit clean.

If the flat is uncleaned or cleaned to poor standard we will hire professional cleaners to finish the job and you will be charged 450 SEK per hour.

Please remember to put sufficient amount of time aside to clean your flat. It usually takes longer than expected.

Use the checklist provided and please be thorough.

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